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Because MAKOplasty® can be performed through a relatively small incision of 3 to 4 inches long, it does not interrupt the main muscle controlling the knee. During surgery, less bone is removed from the knee and there is less trauma to the soft tissue surrounding it. And since the majority of the knee joint remains untouched, the procedure is less invasive and often results in a knee that feels more natural post-operatively. This results in minimal hospitalization and quicker recovery time than compared to a total knee replacement. Rehabilitation is more progressive and may only require 3 – 4 weeks of physical therapy.

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What is a Mako Robotic Partial Knee Replacement?

MAKOplasty is a partial knee replacement that is a viable alternative to a total knee replacement in instances where only part of the knee becomes arthritic or damaged.This procedure uses a smaller implant for just one side of the knee but both surfaces, rather than for the entire knee joint.

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Read Diana’s Story and how MAKOplasty® got her back in the race

When Diana Convey’s doctor told her there was “nothing that could be done” to repair the damaged meniscus in her right knee, and that her only option for preventing her knee pain from getting any worse was to stop running altogether, her response was pretty simple. “No way!” she said without hesitation. “I just was not able to accept that answer.